Trial Run

Today, in anticipation of a crucial sequence in the film, Chris McConnell, who arrived last night from Portland to help out, did a quick Google research as our possible source in Lolo turned out not to have one, and went and got the goods for a suicide kit.  He put it together this morning, and to check out if the image was what I was looking for I donned the bag, and had shots of myself taken, stills and a video.  Whipped it together as a check and think it’s what I was looking to make.  In movement it is somewhat beautiful and chilling.

It’ll be a long, slow, and disturbing sequence, or I think it will.  A test video of it seems to have worked very well.

The last two days Roxanne and Ryan and I also worked on our opening scene, a meeting of mother and son.  We’ll take one more shot at it tomorrow, though we have a perfectly usable version (or two or three) in hand.  We think we can do better.


One thought on “Trial Run

  1. Hi Jon,

    I’m a huge fan and am very excited to discover that you’re returning to Butte (and bringing James Benning with you, to boot). Walkerville is an incredible place, I’ve tried to visually essay it myself and it provides absolutely no shortage of sights and sensations. I look forward to the film as well as your accounts of its production.


    JC Shumate
    Ft Worth, TX

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