Wrapping Up (sort of)



This morning we shot some last green-screen sequences with Ryan and Roxanne, and then, after a myriad of my own organizational messes (missing files etc.), I got everything, except the still MIA Benning shot, onto the time-line and roughly edited.  Have now only a few shots to do – easy ones – with Kate, and once they all leave or in the next 10 days if time allows, some further shots of Walkerville and Butte, perhaps some archival photos, and it should be really done.  While several of the folks have been forceful in suggesting the film have music I am pretty sure I don’t want any – somehow the topic and visual austerity wants silence or only ambient sound.  Coming to Terms looks to run 80-90 mins.  And frankly it is looking very good, despite being radically different from anything I ever saw.  Essentially done in 14 days.  Dramatically its structure is similarly rule-breaking but seems to emotionally work as I’d wanted.  Happy camper.


In the other room the cast is looking at Last Chants for a Slow Dance, which I asked them to see as we prepare to use the next 9 days – Ryan leaves the 30th – to roll the dice on a quick next film.  I want them to see it so they understand what “simple” means as when they start talking about “a story” they tend to quickly sketch out 10 scenes just to get things going.  Last Chants has 7 scenes, most of them single shot ones, and that’s the whole film.  That’s what we’ll have to do on this one. In preparation Ryan went and got a crew-cut, and next goes his mustache.  He’ll be a new prison releasee, with revenge on his mind.  The rest gets invented this week.



2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up (sort of)

  1. Thanks for taking the time to create this blog. Your process is fascinating and inspiring. If I may bug you with a tech question, as you have good ideas for doing things cheaply, what kind of greenscreen setup did you use?

    Good luck with the “roll-of-the-dice” film!

    • Hi Dave
      Well my green screen was a piece of foam board (white) covered with some cheap green cotton cloth from Walmart, and clipped to it as smooth as possible. I would have gotten flat green foam board but couldn’t find any, and would depend if it was reflective or not. Lit with window daylight, and actor in front enough to avoid shadows. Just head/shoulders. Seems to have worked OK enough and when I have time to do final edit and diddle a little more with technique, should look great. I don’t want it to actually look “natural” so a little artifice is OK with me.
      We’re 30 mins into DEAD END, hope to get another 20 mins or so of screen time today; wrap it by next Wed. If we fall on our face, c’est la vie.
      best jon

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