The End and Start

This morning Kate and Roxanne left to return home – to Newport Oregon and Istanbul, respectively.  Before they left I got the last few shots I needed from Kate for the closing scene of Coming to Terms.   Still a few more things to really wrap it up, and still looking for the missing shot of James (have some serious clues, am trying to stay away from writing to disk it might be on, but I think he’ll have to do a replacement for me).

As Coming to Terms surprised us all and got finished a bit faster than anticipated, we all decide to roll the dice again, and try to shoot a one-week quickie.  Yesterday we got about 25 minutes on the electronic media, I got it all on the time-line and edited, and we’re off.  Owing to the departure of Kate and Roxanne, we got their scenes done and out of the way: Kate as a social worker of some kind; Rox as a meth-addled Walkerville soul, whose soul is promptly throttled by our anti-hero, just released convict, Lee Harris.   Title of film, in a little nod to it’s long ago predecessor, is Dead End.

Yesterday here in this part of Montana had very strange light owing to a handful of forest fires smoking up the sky something awful.   We, naturally, used it a bit.  It was all rather rushed, and as things weren’t quite falling into place in the morning, I told everyone if things didn’t start clicking, we’d just forget about it.  Then the jail cell, an office, and the folks down the street here in Walkerville all lined up, and we cranked out our scenes.

The day before we’d met with a young girl, her mother and a friend, all of them buzzing with energy and game to be in film.  Don’t know what they’ll do yet, but one, two, or three of them are in:

Anyway, we’re having a lot of fun, working our butts off, and worst case scenario we have one good film in the can, and a roll of the dice on another.  So far it’s been 16 days.  When Ryan leaves it’ll be 3 weeks.  Not bad.  Also have first pieces of a documentary of some kind on Walkerville.


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