St. Louis Silver Screen

coming jpeg1

While waiting to hear from the American Film Institute festival whether they will or won’t be interested in screening Coming to Terms (and The Narcissus Flowers of Katsura-shima), I gave the nod to the St. Louis festival to show the film.  It will screen there on Nov. 24, at 3:45 in the afternoon.  Sharing the same program will be a screening of my first film, Portrait, 13 minutes long, shot in Cassina Amata, Paderno Dugnano, Monza (Milano), Italy, way back in Jan-Feb 1963.  I haven’t seen it for 3 decades I think.   If the AFI fest passes, this will be the grand and glorious (and totally meaningless) American premiere of the film.  Whoop dee doo.

[Update: the AFI fest did indeed decline the film, so St Louis will be the American Premiere.  Awaiting word now from Rotterdam, and another exhibition – a broader arts one – in Paris.  Apropo of the matter of festivals, etc., see this. ]

And while there, the festival will anoint me with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for my fifty years of fiscal folly and filmic fun.  Also being so awarded will be Oliver Stone, who seems to have fared far better on the fiscal side of things, not to mention his 3 Oscars.  I hope to hand him a DVD of Frameup for his amusement.

oliver-stone_2340155bOliver Stone

As anyone who really knows me knows, I take such “honors” with a large boulder of salt.  In America (and many other places) the only thing the culture really honors and respects is money, and lots of it.  It doesn’t “honor” the kind of work I do with even a modest “living” wage.  In tangible terms, measured in the only “value” which really animates our society, I am, along with my work, deemed “worthless” – not worth paying a modest income.  I pay to do my work; in general I pay to get it seen, and in general, especially in the last 2 decades, it is virtually unseen.  That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

3Jon Jost in Blake Eckard’s Ghosts of Empire Prairie

And, on the same program, at 1:45 will be Blake Eckard’s Ghosts of Empire Prairie, which I shot for him, and played a major role, back in May 2012.


  4Frank Mosley

7Ryan Harper Gray

Taking a little break from film at the moment, having shot new I think strange, perhaps good, feature in Port Angeles, WA.  Currently wallowing in (unpaid, of course) photography things…


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