Further Fests and Things

P13Tilde Rebosio, 1963, in Portrait

Yesterday in Paris Coming to Terms screened in the Rencontres Internationales, to an apparently decent audience which was appreciative.  So reports Mark Rappaport, who at my request introduced it for me.   On the same day I had a screening of Over Here to 4 people in New York, at the venerable and now homeless and grantless Millennium Film Workshop, which was a mainstay of the NY indie/experimental scene for decades.  I got a few beers, a hamburger, and some enjoyable talk out of it.  The only people present for it, in an all white room with bouncing (if dim) light from a lousy LCD projector, were 4 people who work for the outfit.  Earlier I’d had a few evenings at Spectacle, another micro-cinema with a micro-audience to fit – less than half the 28 seats occupied.  Oh well.

At present several other festivals or such are looking at the film – BAM here in NYC (a mixed festival of the arts, including film); another in Curitiba Brazil.  Whether they take or not, who knows at this point.

I leave New York tomorrow for Columbus Ohio, and then Cleveland where Last Chants for a Slow Dance and Coming to Terms will screen at the Cinematheque.  And then to Florida for screenings in Gainesville and St Petersburg, and finally, after 3 plus months of travels, back to Stanberry Mo, to shoot a new very quickie film for Blake, a few scenes of not-quite-finished film for me, and grab my Subaru and head west, to put the brakes on sometime in April.




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