Bye Bye Brazil and other laments

Walkerville view for ClaraApril 23, 2014 Walkerville, MT.

Back in Butte after 6 months of travels – showing the film in St. Louis, Mo. at the festival (US Premiere), then Rotterdam, Istanbul, and then a few places on return to USA – the Cleveland Cinematheque, Eckard College in St Petersburg.  Audiences mostly thin, older, but very impacted by the work.  After my return to the US it screened in Paris at the Rencontres Internationale, a usual haunt for Pedro Costa in the last years.  Apparently it was very well received by some biggie critic sorts.

So now back in Butte where 20 some months ago our little company gathered and we shot the film in two and a half weeks.  It is out to a few other places, being considered.  In Chicago I had a private screening for a handful of friends, including critic Jonathan Rosenbaum, who having fulsomely praised a number of earlier films (Speaking Directly, Last Chants for a Slow Dance, The Bed You Sleep In and others), said it was now his favorite.  In my view, as said previously, it is certainly up with my best.  Not, in these days, that it matters at all:  the social ground which once took such work with any gravity has evaporated into video games, texting, and the generally conservative quality of the times – what passes for independent cinema these days could mostly certainly go straight to TV.  That said, today arrived another rejection notice for Coming to Terms, from what I think is a new festival in Curitiba Brazil, which I am told is the Silicon Valley of Brazil.

 DSC03882 -SM


Obrigado por enviar seu filme para o festival Olhar de Cinema – Festival Internacional de Curitiba. 

Lamentamos informar que seu filme não foi selecionado.

Infelizmente, recebemos muitas inscrições para essa edição do festival. As decisões são difíceis e complexas, mas analisamos todos os filmes cuidadosamente e agradecemos sua contribuição para nossa seleção.

Boa sorte em seus futuros projetos e esperamos sua participação na próxima edição.

Antonio Junior
Marisa Merlo
Aly Muritiba
Diretores Artísticos


Thank you for submitting your film to the Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba International Film Festival Festival.

We are sorry to inform you that your film will not be programmed for Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba Int’l Film Festival

Unfortonately, we received many submissions for this edition.The decisions are difficult and complex and please know that we gave your film careful consideration. 

We would like to encourage your contributions to filmmaking, and we hope you will consider our festival for future submissions.

We appreciate your submission and interest in our festival. Thank you, and best of luck in your future projects.

                                                                                                                                                      Best regards,


Antonio Junior

Aly Muritiba

Marisa Merlo

Artistic Directors

Meantime now settling in to finish editing on two new films while awaiting word on where else Coming to Terms might screen.  I suspect there won’t be much more.  You can buy a BluRay or DVD from me.  My guess is that’s largely what it will boil down to – I can’t imagine the Sundance or IFP channels buying it for even the pittance they pay.  Cinema for (almost) no one.



3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Brazil and other laments

  1. I hope shortly to have BluRay disks, and DVDs. The former will cost a bit more. But if you have the means to screen good HD, it certainly is a film that begs for such clarity.

  2. Hey Jon, glad u made it back in one piece! Watched ‘Speaking Directly’ I got from you in Rotterdam; enjoyed the post 60s societal indictment (but with hope!). Any inspiration from Debord and the Situationists? I’ve just submitted my film to Toronto, but who knows as your comments on festivals on prescient..sent copy of my film to you care of Eifert, hope u received ok..can’t believe you still have snow in late April! best, Mark

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