Rencontres in Berlin

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A late notice regarding upcoming screening at the Rencontres Internationale (Paris)/Berlin:

Coming to Terms will be screened June 7, 7 pm, at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.  Only an hour ago the organizers invited me to attend, saying airfare (and hotel?) would be covered.  As I have many friends in Berlin I may go, though it is a bit disruptive to my summer plans.  I decide once a few more things fall into place.

The screening for them in Paris a few months ago seems to have gone well – if not in audience size, then with some prominent critics apparently finding favor.  I guess the word went around.

Being busy finishing up two new films, and with a mountain of other self-chosen chores to do plotted for the summer, this is rather awkwardly timed.  If I can find some tangible material reason to go (like a TV sale, or some other opportunity for the film), I suppose I will.  If not….  maybe they’d let an actor go to rep it?  Wait and see.


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2 thoughts on “Rencontres in Berlin

  1. Hi Jon,
    I’m interested in screening Coming to Terms and some of your other recent video work in Chicago. I sent an e-mail to the address but I received notice that my e-mail wasn’t able to be delivered. Is there another address I can try or another way to contact you?

    • Hmmm… Maybe my website is down? Usually it just forwards to me. my email is
      Can you tell me the situation there? I anticipate being in Chicago in mid-November, following a week of screenings in Lincoln NE at the Ross Media Center, Nov 8-15. Likely I stay in Chicago a few weeks or perhaps longer. You are at School of the Art Inst? Might I be able to do a workshop or…. I will also be seeing if Barbara at Film Center would do a public screening (not for BO – gotta be a set fee or no go). Anyway drop me a line.

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