Berlin Rencontres


As it happened, rather late in the game, the Rencontres folks found the funds to get me to Berlin, and taking everything into consideration, decided to delay some summer chores, and go for 12 days (+ a full day each way in travel time).  To see friends, perhaps attempt some business stuff to either sell the film to the few possible places left and perhaps to try to find funding for a new film.  We shall see.


Screening is at 7 pm, June 7, at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.  If in Berlin or nearby, please come (it’s free!)


One thought on “Berlin Rencontres

  1. Just to let you know I really enjoyed watching your film in Berlin (I am sorry I did not have the chance to say it personally after the screening). I mean, it definitely activated me, and that is the best thing I can say about an art work.
    If you have the patience, I would be happy if you’d have a peek at the video-things I make, and which are on vimeo: (waiting for the improbable encounter with strangers 🙂

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