The End (sort of)

Yesterday in a rush we shot some final and crucial scenes, painted into the corner of time and energies.  I am not so sure we got what is needed, though I am sure that if we did it will take some editorial wizardry to make it work, as is the case with the film as a whole.  In the coming months, we’ll see how it goes.  For me I need to walk away from the last 3 and a half weeks of shooting and take a break from it, and return fresh in a bit of time.

Meantime the day began with a sky smudged with a kind of apocalyptic coloring, and the air smelled of burning wood.  The sun was livid orange and the air was lousy enough to make for some coughs.  There’s a handful of forest fires going, near and far, and they have stained the blue Big Sky with white and dull grey and brown tinges: one in the Bitterroot Valley, another down in Salmon area of Idaho, and in the last few days one in nearby Whitehall and the East Ridge, immediately to the east of Butte.

So the month rounds to a close and I seem to have two films down.  Of Coming to Terms, I’m pretty sure it’ll be something quite good, and unusual – not like any film I have ever seen.  Dead End is a bit dicey – despite Ryan’s very good performance, and the others who pitched in likewise good.  I am just not too confident at this point whether it will all hold together as a whole, and make a film.  I am sure it’ll take some thoughtful editing and perhaps some additional non-actor material to pull it all into a working piece.  For the moment I’ll set it aside and let what’s there gestate a bit in mind while I take a 3-4 week jaunt through Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and as far east in Wyoming as Devil’s Tower.  I’ll be shooting video, painting, taking photos and ruminating.  Then back, slowly, to the coast for the balance of autumn and winter.  I think.  Seems though I might be snared by some enticing things here in Walkerville and Butte  – some very tempting contacts that could make a quick portrait/documentary of the place and people.   It’s a place I like a lot, find very interesting, and the opportunity is sitting on a silver platter begging.

Meantime tomorrow morning Ryan and I, (and whomever else wants to get up early and join us) will down a big M&M’s breakfast and drive to Missoula for him to catch a plane back to LA.  I’ll drop by my friend Swain’s while there, and begin another film I hope to make in the coming year or two, something on my friends.

[This ill-designed format won’t apparently let me do a cluster of pic and then follow with a single one; all or nothing.  Will follow-up on next posting with what I’d like to put here.]

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