Characters: Curtis (1)

Curtis, the 30 something son of our father, and his second wife.  He is a fundamentalist Christian, doing missionary work in South America.  He’s returned at the urgent request of his father, though the two don’t really get along.  Curtis is somewhat low-key in his evangelizing, though the urge/need to convert lies just underneath the surface.  He projects a positive demeanor, though perhaps this is a bit grating.  Beyond that we – to say Ryan Harper Gray and I – don’t know too much about him at the moment.  Probably in his youth he moved around a lot as his father was a surveyor and moved with his work.  Probably he doesn’t get along too well with his mother, who does not share his Christian beliefs, along with his father.  He’ll get along less well with his step-brother, who is gay.

Ryan Harper Gray grew up in an evangelical family in reality and knows this world rather intimately.  We’ll be relying on his knowledge about it, and the psychologies of such believers, in developing his character.

Below are some images likely to find their way into the film.


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