Taking a Break

Ryan minus mustacheChris McConnell with hair

Two days ago I drove Ryan to Missoula to catch his flight back to LA, and today Chris took off by car for Portland.  I had a night over in town, staying with my friend Swain Wolfe – a nice evening of catching up talk.  In the morning, I stopped by and saw Kristi Hager for more of the same.

Swain and his house and back yard.  I’ve watched it mutate since 1972.  A lovely place slowly and lovingly pieced together.

Kristi standing by her new grass-sectimi

I’m back in in Walkerville now, catching up on a stack of secretarial chores to do before I take off for 3-4 weeks in Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and all over Wyoming, to shoot some nature things in video and still photography, to paint and read and maybe write.  Meantime today James Benning let me know he did his replacement shot of eating soup, so when I return I can settle down and get the basic edit for Coming to Terms done, perhaps in time to submit to Sundance.  We’ll see.

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